Employee Spotlight – Jeanne Fagg

Jeanne Fagg is an Escrow Officer for Alliance Title’s Driggs, ID branch. Jeanne has worked within the title and escrow industry since 1993 – first as an assistant, until she was able to become licensed in 1998 and worked as an Escrow Officer in Utah. She then moved over to Alliance Title in 2013, where she has been invaluable to Alliance Title since!

Because the Driggs office is a smaller branch, Jeanne is the only Escrow Officer and therefore completes 100% of the closings, doc prep, funding, etc. She is also responsible for training two of her awesome assistants and managing the work flow of the office. Jeanne loves her team and considers them family. When it comes to her clients, Jeanne loves being able to meet people in all aspects of life and help them move into their next stage of life.

Of the Alliance Core Values, Jeanne’s favorite is “Integrity.”  She explains, “This is a crazy, insane business. I can’t really think of any other career that touches on so many different aspects of a transaction. That being said, I am human and bound to make mistakes, but if I am practicing integrity I can fix or manage them without too much trouble. I am who I am, and will do my best to do what I promise I will do. It’s important to me that my clients know that.”

Her role model? Jeanne looks to Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen “manages to be funny and real in the face of a lot of pressure.”

When she’s not working hard in the office, Jeanne truly loves to spend time with her family. She also enjoys cooking, hosting parties, reading, dancing, singing, and laughing.

Jeanne’s favorite quote, “Be kind to one another,” by Ellen Degeneres, is something she tries to live her life by – as Jeanne puts it simply, “because we should.”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Jeanne a little more, stop by Alliance Title’s Driggs branch to write them in on your next transaction! Jeanne looks forward to helping make your home closing a wonderful and positive experience.

Jeanne Fagg – Escrow Officer at Alliance’s Driggs Branch
78 N Main St, 83422

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