Wallpaper – The Right Way for Your Home

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be pigeonholed into being a groovy 60’s décor piece, does it?

This decorative item knows a thing or two about surviving through various fads and trends – and it looks like it’s made another climb through what’s “in” now.

Before getting wallpaper crazy, a few décor professionals from Realtor® Magazine offered up some solid advice:


Wallpaper should still be viewed as a pop of color – too much of it can leave your home feeling off-balanced or too busy. Jody Sokol, New York-based designer, suggests limiting wallpaper use to two rooms on the main floor of a two-story home. Think about placing in entryways, bathrooms, dining rooms, or master bedrooms.

Applying wallpaper on a single accent wall has also been a growing trend. Think about placing wallpaper in unique areas, like the back of bookcases or wet bars.

Color & Texture

Just like painting a wall, be weary of bold colors – and if you’re a bold person, maybe stick to just a few walls. If you’re going for a pattern wallpaper, stick to neutral colors.

Patterns and textures can be fun, but should be limited to a wall that homeowners won’t be facing for long periods of time.


There are a few instances where a company can create new, breathable wallpaper that helps enhance air quality – this is a newer fad, so it might take a little longer for this one to take off.

Wallpaper can be a simple way to upgrade your space – many removable peel-and-stick wallpapers offer a wide variety of colors and patterns and can easily be removed if the homeowner doesn’t plan on staying in the home for very long.

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