Abracadabra: Pinpointing the Perfect Week for Home Sellers

If you could ask a real estate genie for anything, what would it be? Help with your mortgage? A pool in your backyard?

While Alliance Title might not be a real estate genie, we can still help with some expert-driven predictions on what might lie ahead in the real estate world.

Researchers have found that the best week to put a home on the market is March 31st to April 6th. They studied the 50 largest real estate markets in the nation over the past three years to determine this very specific week.

During this magical week, homes – on average – are listed for 6% more than at the beginning of the year. This equals to an extra $17,000. These homes listed not only accumulate 14% more views on realtor.com, but they also sell six days faster.

Because home prices tend to peak around June, this week might be the best time to face less competition and receive the best bang for your buck.

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