Got Homeowner Worries? Here Are the Top Concerns.

Becoming a homeowner has some amazing perks – equity being a top contender. However, it looks like homeowners still have their fair share of worries.

Once you are a homeowner, you’re now the one in charge, and the one to make decisions. So, what are some of the things homeowners are worrying about?

A recent survey from LendingTree summarized homeowners’ biggest housing worries for 2020. Check out their infographic below:

Nearly one-third of respondents claimed major home repairs as their top housing-related worry. With the 1% rule in mind (1% of the purchase price of your home set aside for your maintenance-saving piggy bank), homeowners might stress over the amount they should be putting away every year.

The next brackets of worry went to home values dropping (17%), and the possibility of mortgage payments increasing (13%).

Although there are underlying worries between all homeowners, 68% of those surveyed still believe that homeownership is a good investment.

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