4 things to know about your home inspection 

Since we’re on the cusp of celebrating National Homeowners Month, our teams thought it would be a great idea to spotlight the home inspection.

While this evaluation isn’t part of our title and closing services, the home inspection is an important step during the final stretch of your transaction. It plays a vital role in the homebuying process. A good home inspector (don’t worry, your agent will likely recommend one) will take a look at just about everything – from the roof down to the foundation and plenty in between. Check out an example checklist here. Here are four things to know about this important topic.

It’s well worth it. You may have seen the news during the last couple of years. All over the country, potential buyers were skipping the home inspection as part of the effort to make their offer more appealing and save money, but doing so was never recommended, especially now.   

Know what will be looked at and what will not. Most inspections only cover elements that the professional can see without tearing down walls or causing damage to the property. Inspectors are not responsible for hidden problems unless they have missed what should have been evident signs of a potential issue. Remember, while a traditional inspection should be thorough, it’s general in nature. Depending on your situation, a specialty inspection may also be recommended. 

Issues will be found, and that’s perfectly normal. Every house has flaws, and it’s a good thing that your inspector finds them. Don’t view the home inspection as a pass/fail test. Instead, it’s an avenue to identify red flags you may not know about. The key is to ask questions, which leads us to our next point.

Feel free to ask what issues are most urgentAfter the evaluation is complete, you and your REALTOR® will determine how the findings should impact your offer, but it’s also OK to talk to your inspector for his or her thoughts too. Ask what repairs to prioritize and for any recommendations for the work needed.  

In real estate, knowledge is power — and a professionally-done home inspection provides plenty of insight into your new home. After all, all of us involved in your journey want you to be happy in your home for years to come.

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