How to pull off the perfect holiday social media campaign

We’re a couple of months away from a certain someone making a list and checking it twice. However, if you’re hoping to execute the perfect social media campaign for the holiday season, it’s already time to start planning.

Whether you’ve achieved all your marketing goals for 2023 or your ideas were never put into action, you can finish the year with a bang thanks to these tips to do before, during and after tackling any effort on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or any other platform of your choosing.


It’s important to define your target audience, set measurable goals and plan out at least the main parts of your campaign before you unveil it to the public. Decide where and how often you want to post and be sure to reach out to anyone you want to collaborate with during your effort before you tag them in that first post. One other pro tip: Get most of your content created ahead of time. You can always tweak it later.


No matter what vision you have for your campaign, some tweaks will need to be made based on audience reaction. Whether that initial feedback is positive or negative – or if there’s none at all – it’s important to make adjustments to your posting schedule or frequency. Be sure to engage with comments from others and make it a point to acknowledge and repost any user-generated content.


Every new thing we try can be a learning experience for the future. After your work is done, be sure to regroup with those involved. Analyze any data and results and discuss things that went well and what you would’ve done differently during the effort. Then, use all that gathered information to be even better on social media – and in real life – during 2024 and beyond.

Our teams can’t wait to see what you start creating!

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