3 secrets to unlocking the power of social media

Social media remains a great way for all of us to stand out in the digital world. But creating and executing the right strategies and content isn’t as easy as some may want you to believe.

It takes time and effort to make sure you shine on social, and this summer, those two things feel especially limited. That’s why we’re presenting you with some tips and tricks from real estate guru Katie Lance. Don’t know Katie? She’s a social media maven whose lessons on video, during her podcast and on her website can help real estate professionals of all kinds rise above the digital noise.

Commit to staying active on the platforms you choose. To succeed on social media, it’s paramount to be intentional with your posts. You want to be consistent, but every post should be designed to achieve a specific goal, such as increasing brand awareness or driving traffic to your website. Don’t worry about specific numbers or how often, but make sure you’re staying top-of-mind for your audience, too.

Have a plan. We understand this first blurb can be daunting, and so does Katie. That’s why she offers a free content grid on her site to anyone who signs up. This resource provides some general ideas broken into relevant categories and spotlights some free tools and other examples that can get your creative juices flowing.   

Use AI to your advantage. AI remains the topic on everyone’s mind, so here’s a hint. Chat GPT can help you plan and create your content – social and otherwise. When it comes to using AI tools to the best of your ability, the key is to write specific prompts so the technology spits out information that is most useful. As Katie says, ChatGPT is a great way to help find the right words when they’re escaping you.

Let us know who you would love to learn from next time you’re in one of our branches, too. We’re always striving to be our best, and we value your input.

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