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3 lessons “Bluey” can teach us all about real estate

What can the animated children’s show “Bluey” teach us about buying and selling a home? It turns out to be a whole lot. If you’re not part of the show’s target demographic – or a parent of a young child – you’re probably wondering, “What’s a Bluey?” right about now. If so, here’s an overview.   The […]

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3 money-related steps for prospective buyers

Did you know April is National Financial Literacy Month? While we’re not financial advisers, it’s important that anyone who is preparing to buy a home anytime soon is well-versed in the money aspect of it all, so we gathered essential tips from the experts regarding saving effectively for your future home. Organize your finances. There’s a […]

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4 tips to put ChatGPT to work for you

A lot’s happening in real estate right now, and even that may be an understatement. Spring is here, title insurance has been in the news and how real estate agents – particularly on the buyer’s side – are compensated and function could change in the near future. While any one of this trio of topics […]

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5 ways to make your move less mad

Let’s get this truth out of the way. Any move you make can feel like mayhem if you’re not prepared. So that’s why our teams thought March – a month known for basketball madness – was the perfect time to present our readers with another list of moving tips, whether you’re moving this homebuying season or […]

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4 more reasons new construction homes are worth a look

In today’s market, as a shortage of existing inventory continues to challenge buyers of all kinds, new construction homes are a great option for many house hunters. We’ve written about the pros and cons of choosing a newly-built home before, but the topic is particularly timely right now as builder confidence continues to rise in 2024. A […]

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3 stats that show we need to keep talking about wire fraud

For years, wire fraud has been a thorn in the side of everyone involved in real estate. Despite continued efforts and conversation, it remains a formidable enemy. Plus, the scammers behind it continue to evolve and exploit any weakness they can.  Why are we repeating this warning now? A new report from a leading anti-fraud […]

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The Federal Reserve—What Is It and Why Are We Talking About It So Much?

So, have you heard anyone mention mortgage rates recently? We joke, but it’s a topic that’s dominated headlines all year long. A key player behind these rates is the Federal Reserve (the Fed), whose decisions significantly impact housing affordability. With news of the Fed’s recent decision on rates making waves, our teams thought now would […]

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3 tips for positive market conversations with clients in 2024

Let’s dive into this blog post with a sprinkle of optimism, shall we? Enough chatter about rising rates, low inventory and affordability challenges. Let’s shift our focus to the recent whispers of encouragement echoing through the real estate corridors instead.  Economists’ predictions and the recent Fed announcement suggest promising changes are brewing. As a result, […]

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4 reasons to ramp up your home search in 2024

It’s almost a new year, which means we’re all contemplating big moves in the future. Some of us more literally than others. We know the current real estate market hasn’t been the easiest to navigate, whether you’re a potential first-time homebuyer or have gone through the process a few times. However, interest rates should be […]

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Just Say No to Multitasking: A Holiday Survival Guide

“Multitasking is a myth.” There, we said it. While it might seem like a time-effective way to juggle multiple to-do’s, recent research challenges this notion. Now, our teams know that as a real estate professional, you’re quite adept at juggling numerous responsibilities. But the truth is that the human brain can really only handle one […]

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